Not Just a Tent, a Lotus Belle from New Zealand

Known from Burning Man to outdoor festivals and musical gatherings around the world, we have one of the famed Lotus Belle Tents.  Other than these bullets, we’ll let the pictures do all the talking.

  • Heavy-duty, spacious, canvas tent
  • 16 ft. diameter and 11 ft. high at peak
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs
  • Queen bed, dresser, stand, sitting area, nightstands, coat rack, trunk
  • Twin cots, blow-up mattresses for 3rd or 4th persons
  • All linens and plush towels, warm fleece blankets provided
  • Electrical outlet, lamp lighting, and electric heater
  • Two entries and porthole windows with screens and clear PVC coverings
  • Rated for severe weather up to 60 mph winds
  • Accessory tent directly behind Lotus Belle has two twin beds in it. Suitable for nights above 55 degrees or so)